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This site is all about writing stories together. There are two types of stories that you can contribute to on this site. We call them "Open Book" and "Closed Book" stories.

Closed Book

Closed Book stories are what we had in mind when we started the site. This is story telling with a twist! The twist is you will only really know as much as what you can derive from the last contribution. Unless you have been studiously watching the story unfold over time, when it comes to making a contribution to this type of story you will have no idea where it started or what has come before, except what the last person wrote! Let's face it - these types of stories are likely to end up quite messy but you will have a lot of fun contributing to the mess!

Open Book

Open Book stories are a little more serious! You have no excuse for messing these ones up because you have full visibility of the entire story from the start. When you are browsing the open stories you have an extra option to read all previous contributions. We added this type of story to the site because although the Closed Book stories are fun - it's also a lot of fun being a part of a more serious literary masterpiece!

For both story types you have a limited amount of time to make your contribution and a limited number of words. You can contribute as much or little as you wish but the idea is to continue the theme and feeling of the story and most importantly have some fun and help others to enjoy the experience too!

You will find a list of Open Stories on the landing page of this site, have a browse and see if any picque your interest. If you find yourself with a case of writer's block why not have a read of some of the stories that have come before. On the right you will find a mish mash of the latest completed stories - the different sizes and colours are illustrative of the story's popularity.

If you haven't already signed up - you should - you won't regret it! Sign up on the right.

Have fun and keep it fun for everyone else!

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