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my life

the doctors had called me a miracle baby, born with out a heart beat. yet despite the odds I had managed to live. of course not all my troubles ended here. As a child there were many "incidents" that occurred around me.These so called "incidents" either put my life or the life of others in danger. making my parents extremely overprotective of me.

Gracefully falling

The next day, she woke up and felt a wet spot under the sheets. She had become so overwhelmed by the dresses that she had just exploded with excitement and love for destroying them.

The dresses being destoryed aroused Susie, she rubbed her clit in circles, moaning out in joy. She got a knife and stabbed one. It felt so good... She rubbed one against her soft, gentle hole. Suddenly, she came, releasing her sexual juices onto the horrible dresses. She was so pleased with her work.

It was like a masterpiece. She then went on to paint the dresses, each time slowly masturbating and leaving her juices on the canvases. A work of modern art.


Reyes knew of only one person who would be on call all hours. She dailed the 9-digit number.
Click. It connected. "Yawn. Steve Rogers, MCO of Porta. Who is this?"
"Steve, thank heavens you're awake. Red Rogers is on the loose."
Immediately Steve sat up. "You're kidding?"
"No! He paid bail last week. He's been out for a while, but we haven't heard about it. Why haven't we heard about it, Steve?"
Steve was on the defensive, although he was busy getting into the ReinForce Uniform for a meeting he knew was going to be called for soon. "News on Red Rogers isn't my job, Reyes. It's Steinbeck's. Anyway, how did you know?"
"I got an e-mail from him."
Steve froze.
"If he has access to the internet, then..."
"Yes, Steve. It means the End is coming."
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October 21

11:30 PM.
I've been up since 4 AM this morning. I look around my bedroom, which doubles as my command center. It's been at least a month since I cleaned it out. Energy drinks and take-out boxes were littered everywhere, but I couldn't stop now. If I did, It would be as if I were inside a prison, helping an innocent man escape, but halfway there I would stop to tie my shoe, allowing us to get caught. No, I'm not a vigilante, but I sometimes fantasize about being one. Correction: used to. Now I'm too busy doing my job.
And what would that be, you ask.
Why, the one and only leader of the C-Team.
If you're not a programmer, you probably wouldn't get it: C is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. However, the C-Team isn't some low-key programming start-up. No way. We help those who were persecuted from reaching their full potential by large tech companies. Like Porta, the largest producer of Virtual-Reality headsets in the world. Which just happened to be the one I was breaking into when I discovered The Secret.
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