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Will be

What I beautiful day to exercise for running competition, so I did what I usually do. I prepared this morning a delicious green juice with pinapple, apple, cucumber and celery. I drank it without any precipitation about the flavor and it was favorable like a green living nature coming to my mouth. I was about to write my first writing of the day but I felt discouraged and unmotivated to do it by the little participation of writers, teens messing up stories and a mental block to write. I decided to eat breakfast instead, I ate some meat with nopales And vegetales.

It Started With A Dream...

"Ah! There you are." The sound of a woman resonates around the darkness that covers you. Blonde hair flows with the unusual windy air, blue eyes glinting with amusement. She stares at you for seconds before smiling and giggling contentedly. "Hello there! You must be new to this place."

She lends out a hand for you to reach. "My name is Nirvana, and I am here to help you. First, get up and let us meet the others that await here." She smiles at you reassuringly. Somehow, for you, the way she said 'to help you' seemed really suspicious...

"We should get going. If you want to get out of here, if you want the others to get out here from peril, then we should leave this instant."

Winters Day

Chapter 1:

It was a cold day


(%$# was AVe. showed itself as a home address. Sensical as this seems, she assessed the possibility of absurdity. Codes, lyrics, rhythms, all are to unravel. What discriminates one from another? A language is merely sound vibration assigned to relevant value.
Anything can make sense if formulaically inclined.
Constructs are values assigned to random vibration. Once those are in place, equations are brewed.
Classically, the number one represents a sole entity. Agreed. What would one be without the contrast of two? Was two ever one? one could be driven insane with the simplicity of this dynamic.
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