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You Shall Not Control Me

Even though the teacher was in the middle of a lecture, a male student who sat in the seat beside me leaned over with a smirk. As he did, I couldn't help but notice how handsome he looked. With light blonde hair and bright blue eyes, a chiseled face and kissable li- what was I thinking?! A hot blush formed over my cheeks at my thoughts and I tried to block out the guys chuckle once he noticed. "So Cutie, who are you dating?"
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Forbidden Love

"Its time for bed baby" I told my four year old daughter.

"No I'm not tired mama" Ariel said as she rubbs her eyes.

"Yes you are now go to bed"

"OK mama goodnight"

"Goodnight baby"

After I put my baby girl to sleep I was now in my bed watching TV I pick up my phone and I see that someone called me from a private number i dont know if i should pick it up. Maybe not but the t a serial killer. I put my phone on silence.

I was about to go to bed but I heard my Rocky barking Rocky is my dog that Jason got me 6 years ago she's a rednose pit bull.

I went over to her and I see her trying to open the front door to get out. So I open the door for her she runs out the door like a mad person.

I waited 10 secound for her to come back but she didn't.

"Rocky" I shouted

I see her run to me causing me to almost fall.

*I roll my eyes*

I walked back to the houes I told Rocky to go to her room.

I made it to my room and I turned off the lights and the TV and I went to bed.



"Is that right?" Lillian crossed her arms, she laughed, she knew they were chatting shit.

"Maybe?" Haz squinted his eyes.

"Jay. A word?" Lillian turned and walked into the darkness. Jay looked around, he didn't know why him specifically.

"Yeah sure?" Jay was uncertain. But followed her into the mist of the corridor. They stepped through into the school on the other side.

"Why am I here exactly?" Jay ran his finger along the lockers, they were covered in a purple dust.

"To see what you have done..."

"What I have done. No no, there must be some mistake? I have not played any part in this Lilly"

"Oh quite the contrary, you and Haz have quite the big part in it. Which is why I propose, both of you, get as far away from here as possible"

"Why would we do that?"

"Because I may have called some people..."

"And why did you do that"

"I have my reasons"


"You broke my heart Jay..."

Taming the playboy

Please read my story!
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