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Set in Egypt, among other exotic places, the protagonist was the feminine version of what she yearned to be - young, strong, full of hope if a bit naive, and desperate for love and adventure. She took in the names of the places in the story - breathed them out - Palmyra, Antioch, Persia, Alexandria. She could get lost in these ancient and faraway places.

She pulled the dog-eared book back out, wondering who had read it before her. Entranced by the story, she couldn't help but open it once again, and get lost in another world.


You sit for the moment, gaining a sense of the vertical and horizontal by leaning up against a wall, slimy and sticky at the same time, wanting to reach out but terrified of what might be within your reach. You become aware of a dull but skull splitting pain in the back of your head. You wrack your memory, trying to pull out anything about where you were, who you are, any event that led to this hellish incarceration. Wait, a faint memory... a woman. Blonde hair. She's running. But where? Who is she? Is that me?


how is everyone

Dream Walkers

"Don't worry," her father said, "you can have the leftovers in the fridge. I just finished giving the rest of your nice warm breakfast to Björn!" He chuckled as he continued to enjoy his cigar.

Björn, probably the fattest Newfoundland dog to live. Annabelle had nothing against him except that her dad gave the dog more attention than to his own daughter. It never surprised her though, since she was never close to her father anyways; and after the death of her mother, both she and her father needed something to confide in.

For her, she's always confided in wondering who the boy in her dreams was and why he pulled her down into the lake; and why since that dream, all the others have been in black and white, and no physical contact made.

She felt a sudden stinging burn on her right cheek. "Anna!" She heard her father's fist hit the table and she turned to face him, her hand caressing the burn, "Get your food now! I'm not leaving 'til I see you eating!"
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