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Pussy in Paradise

The old lady from across the road, Ethel Morris.

"Morning Mrs. Morris" he said, trying to get to the shop before it closed.
"Good morning Mister J-"
"I'm sorry, but I really need to get going Ethel."
"Oh yes dear, you just carry on with what your doing and I'll just take my four bags of heavy shopping all the way down this icy road all on my own... don't worry about me J-"
"Just... wait hear. I'll get the milk and then come and help you."

The pepper-pot shaped lady seamed to be lost in thought as she stared vaguely into the middle distance, shes quite famous for doing that, you thought she did it on purpose when he was young but now he knows shes just lost it.

"Pore Ethel" He said, out loud, walking away.

Demonic Beginnings

It was a bleary November morning and the cold had just started to set in.


Hey! I've decided to create a writing group, on kik.
where we focus on writing a dialogue, to a story..i've conjured up
if you'd like to be apart of the group.
please reply with your kik! i'll send you what i have of the story so far!
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black out

Her name is Luna she is a shy girl 13 year old with small blue eyes and long white hair 5"2 and slim build with very white skin who enjoys speaking to people. She has a illness that stops her from make real friends she black out. Each time she blacks out it can be seconds or hours its like she day dreams and losses all awareness of what is happen she will still walk around and do her normal day to day business but she won't talk to anyone and no one talks to her. She found away to limit her black out if she doesn't stress her body or mind it lower the black outs but this also stop her from make friends in real life so she turned to gaming mainly MMO gaming where she can make friends but not have to work her body so hard. Her favourite game was Grand Kingdoms its an action, open world, adventure game with good crafting system, market system and fighting system it was easy for her to make friends.
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