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kicking the bucket

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kicking the bucket

jenny stood by the kitchen window, cup of coffee in hand, staring out in the yard, she took a sip as she watched Michael. Michael was pacing back and forth, looking agitated on the phone, he seemed heated."i wonder who he's talking to?" she wondered. suddenly he tripped over her potting mix bucket, and fell clumsly on the ground. jenny let out a small chuckle, but a bigger laugh when he got up and kicked the bucket, and winced in pain. kicked the bucket she thought, as she laughed at the metaphor playing out in real life. "what if he really did kick the bucket?", she heard a voice say. she turned around and nobody was there

You're all I need

“Good Morning Beautiful” I smiled and kissed her forehead. Then I got up to make her breakfast. After all, a day like this, a morning like this, needed something rememorable. I wanted to do something sweet after all she is carrying my child. After all we’ve been through she deserves this one thing, but she grabbed my arm.

She moaned the type of moan you have when you just wake up.

“Baby, don’t leave.” Her eyes barely open. It was too cute, I couldn’t help but grin.
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My Forbidden Love

It was a Monday, like any other day in the week being a Career and Business teacher I had many days in my week filled. Today my head was filled with the nonsense of school and how many students were in which classes. How should my day go? What other teachers there were to become friends with. All in the name of being a teacher. I pulled into the unfamiliar parking lot of my new school watching the other fellow staff members slowly slide out of their cars. I was sluggish but awake in a sense. I slid out of my truck and locked the doors as I walked towards the school entrance. It was then I first met him.

“Hold on a moment let me get that for you Mr….?” He said pulling his long golden brown hair from his face as it twirled in the wind.He had long eyelashes that curled so high even as he looked down at his keys for the door.

“Rivers. My name is Andrew Dorian Rivers and thank you.” I replied noticing his long blunt beard in the same golden brown tones.

“Nice to meet you I am Owen Erik Payne. Mathematics teacher Here at Saint Joseph.” he seemed to say in a warm beaming voice. His eyes were blue like the sea and I immediately wished I was swimming in them. I wanted to know them, wanted to know him. He was so mysterious. I don’t think I have ever felt this way about any one. Was this intimidation, jealousy even?
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