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Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Ivory Case.

"They are morphologically similar to the closely related porcupinefish, which have large external spines (unlike the thinner, hidden spines of Tetraodontidae, which are only visible-"

Holmes' talk was interrupted by a cry carrying across the thick smoggy mist which always hangs around the Thames, listening intently for a moment Holmes starts to sprint towards the cry.

A few moments later and the shape of three people appear from out of the smog, one appeared to be writhing upon the ground by the edge of the river, the other two had clubs and where beating the man. Mr. Holmes closes upon the villains.

"Oi," shouts the crook "get lost before I... I-

"Gor blimey, it's Sherlock Holmes!"

"Tarnation, we got a get out of the city!"

The scalawags flee as Holmes figure slows, stopping and kneeling before the body.

"Doctor," he tenderly touches the gagging form," your assistance would be greatly appreciated hear.

Dream Walkers

The day's lesson dragged on more monotonously than usual. When Ms. Frisch turned to the board and started drawing an exquisitely complex formula, Lucia swerved left, making a face for her friend Jenny, to show her exactly what she thought about the proceedings, and maybe start a rollicking texting session.

Jenny wasn't there, however.

In her place sat a boy. A freakishly good-looking one, if you asked Lucia. He wasn't noticing her, though. He was sitting ramrod straight and staring ahead at the board. The teacher had almost finished her equation, when he coughed politely and said: "Excuse me..."

The teacher froze, turned around slowly, and said: "Yes, Danny?"

"The equation. It won't work the way you have it. There's a mistake in the fourth parameter."

Frisch brought her glance back to the formula, and frowned at it for a number of seconds.

"Well, what do you know," she finally said "that one could indeed use a slight change!"

She corrected the offensive symbol,
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Chomsky's Bathtub

Chomsky's Bathtub
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Zombie Invasion

It felt wierd trudging down a street you were once so familiar with, and now was barely recognizable with its abandoned storefronts and abundance of cadavers. The latter had you watching your every step so as not to collide with once-human debris. You try to stay as far away from corpses as you can, but it is a daunting task, and you are just grateful that so far none of them has shown any movement.

Suddenly, you hear the sound of tinkling bells, and, stopping for a moment to observe, you see a sweet looking little girl emerging from the glass door of a pharmacy. She is dressed in a long sleeved wrap dress, and has a bandage covering her left hand, but otherwise seems o.k. She sees you and rushes over.

"Please, mister, help me! My parents were slaughtered by these monsters, and I barely managed to get away from them in time. But then, in the middle of outrunning those horrible things, I slipped and scraped my hand badly on the pavement, so I just stepped into this nice pharmacy
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