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You Shall Not Control Me

I started to speak but she turned around and said in a loud voice "Well, why don´t you give us a little presentation of yourself dear, mhm?" She took a seat behind what I recognised was her, the teachers desk, and smiled at me. I could see her yellow teeth from where I was standing.

I began to clear my throat but fell silent, everyone was looking at me and as I stod up the room was so silent I could hear my desk neighbor breath. This is not going well, I though to myself.

I looked up at the teachers desk and I could see a rectangular bronze colured name tag, standing on her desk. She caught my attention and smiled even wider. "Well child, maybe you want to skip presentation for now, feeling a bit shy are you, mhm?"

This teacher, this Glenda Waterson, would pester my life the coming year I just knew it!

Shark Bait

I recognised the principials voice, and has he spoke my entire body froze up and I felt unreal. This is what he said:

"Will Amy Reinstone and Tom Lasseter please report to the principels office at once"

Tom knocked on my shoulder, "Hey, Amy come on, let´s see what kind of trouble we can get into" He smiled at me and I felt so afraid. I slowly stood up and started walking towards the door, Tom had already left the classroom and I could hear him whistle some silly and annoying tune out in the hall.

As I passed Jills desk I stopped and darted back to get my purse with me. I would not leave this behind me now that I may need it more than ever.
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Star Treck: Venture

Captain's log, stardate 2324.9. Commanding aboard the USS Venture, sister ship to the acclaimed Enterprise.
Although the Venture has a far less glamorous past (exploring the other end of the galaxy) recent happenings are worthy of note.

I have been forced into the position as Captain as I am now the highest ranking officer aboard, the original Captain, first officer, and several others on the bridge, have been killed by an unknown attack.

Starfleet has ordered our return and I am to command for now. I should note down a few of the other members of note for future record. Myself, I am an Earth mail, Cadwell Stanford.
I find that simple and basic pursuits can be just as appealing as complex ones, for example, we escaped the unknown attack ship by using a simple Earth Fox trick... for this I was awarded with the temporary position as Captain and given permission to re-establish a full bridge despite my lack of appropriate training!

The following reports my choices and the depiction for my choices.
My first officer: - Now, how best to describe him...?
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Star Treck: Venture

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