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To them, the sullen and stolid city of Goliath, California was comforting with its lack of diversity, colour, or change. There were plenty of different races, sure, and luckily no major racism, but everyone is the same: dull. I never noticed how dreary this town was until I came back just a few weeks ago.


words unspoken

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'Hi',said he.
'Hi',she replied softly.

That is what she was able to say.

Her heart ached.Seeing him some days;sometimes not at all.It was going to be harder than she thought. She had never felt like that before. It seemedas if the feeling grew stronger with every passing moment.

Having the feeling was not the worst part-having it and not being able to tell,now that is what she was not able to handle. She told herself she would get over him one way or another. But deep down she knew she was afraid of rejection; that her heart would so cruelly be broken by the very man she adored. She could not; would nor accept to be rejected. In a way she was justified in her action of keeping it a secret. It was better not telling him than doing so and ending up hurt-the very thing she was trying to avoid in the first place.

He was tall,handsome, intelligent, loving,charming, to mention but a few of his traits. The few instances she had interacted with him made her like or love (she wasn't sure which) him even more. How could she not? He had everything a girl could hope for-he was definitely her kind of guy. But there was just one problem...

He was engaged.
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Beyond the Stars

Ike glanced over as a girl sat down next to him. He could immediately tell she was tired so he didn’t say a word when she leaned on his shoulder without realizing it. He enjoyed the warmth that rolled off her. He ended up deciding to sit back and relax as he closed his eyes as well.
Lynn finally stopped daydreaming long enough to realize that she was at her stop. She also realized that she had been resting against someone’s shoulder. A boy’s shoulder. She hurried off the bus and went to go home. Lynn just to decided not to do anything the rest of the day. She got into bed and lay there for hours until her eyes finally closed and she drifted off to sleep
Lynn woke up the next morning, all refreshed and ready to go. She flung her long black hair over her shoulders and looked at the time on her clock. She hurried to get everything done, completing one task after another very quickly.
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Beyond the Stars

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