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The Self Aware Story

"Ah, there you are. I've been waiting for you to come along. Don't be afraid, I don't bite. Well, at least I don't think I do." The steady clicking of the keys and scroll of the wheel almost cover up the words before I can hear them. Wait, I just read the word 'I' in a story I don't even know anything about!? "Don't worry, it's natural. Every user is confused at first." That voice again. Slowly it dawned on me. This is my story, well at least part of my story. Everything in this story interacts directly with me and my words. So if I were to write the speaker of that voice as a wizened old man...

"Ah yes, you have it now user." A scraping, deep voice says. "This entire world is your's to create. Just remember that at the end there is nothing. Choose your words carefully." Looking at the words appearing on the page before me, I almost see the man I just gave creation to smiling up at the sky, knowing that I am here, even without ever being able to see me.
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The Returned

I could never forget that night... It was a normal bleak night just like any other. It's not my fault that he stood in my way. He should have just listened when I told him to stay at home.

How could I have known that the shadowy figure standing exactly where my blade ended would have been him. It wasn't supposed to be him, it was supposed to be the target. After I realized what I had done, standing over the blood-strewn cobblestone, I quickly ran away. How could I face the world after killing my only friend, my only lover.

Even now as I embrace him I know that nothing will ever be the same. The merriment he now feels is only a product of the rot that surrounds him. Even though he doesn't yet realize it, creatures of the dark laugh in madness.

And there we were laughing together, standing on the fault between madness and wonder. Standing atop our castle of mutilated corpses.

Turn the Tides

The waters kept rising over the years. I figured the world would end when I was dead, and my great grandchildren would handle the burden. However, the temperatures kept rising. The news kept reporting inches and inches of water level increase every week. After two years since the rapid temperature increase, everyone started to panic.

It wasn't the realization that the world would be covered in water in the span of a few years, no. It was the realization that came too late. I presumed everyone thought Global Warming could last a little longer. Every day, hope that it would last, and that same hope repeated everyday. Then realization came too late. Hoping was not action, and eventually everything fell apart.

My family was on the edge. We were packing our things to move. We lived on the peninsula of Florida, which was surrounded by water. Several lower elevated places have received floods of sea water on beaches. At the rate of the water, Florida would be underneath the ocean's surface in a year. And several more years after, continents and continents would be flooded over.

I got my first-hand experience when I woke up the morning we were leaving when several feet of water bore its way into the streets overnight, flooding our house, and our car.
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Weaken Us Not

Eliza felt her heart race and her sight collapse. Blood and gore roused a familiar feeling within her: fear. Clenching her fists till her knuckles turned white, she unsteadily backed away. Her foster parents were dead. How? She didn't know. She didn't understand how this could've happened.

Eliza didn't know where Rylee was. She didn't know where her mindset was either. All she could do consciously was stare, and stare, and stare until something moved. Until something was provoked enough from her staring to give Eliza some sort of comfort, or even a sign that there was a possibility that her foster parents were alive.

She fell to her knees and felt hot wet tears drench her cheeks.
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