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Winters Day

Chapter 1:

It was a cold day

A Diner's Delight

Erin walked into the diner. The slim, glass doors, slammed against her palms. The touch of the cold glass made her shiver.
"Hey Erin!" The receptionist, Ashley exclaimed.
"Hi Ash!" Erin replied.
"The usual?" Ashley questioned.
"Yep, good ol' pancakes and eggs!"
"Coming right up!"
Erin walked over to one of the leather seats of the diner.
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(%$# was AVe. showed itself as a home address. Sensical as this seems, she assessed the possibility of absurdity. Codes, lyrics, rhythms, all are to unravel. What discriminates one from another? A language is merely sound vibration assigned to relevant value.
Anything can make sense if formulaically inclined.
Constructs are values assigned to random vibration. Once those are in place, equations are brewed.
Classically, the number one represents a sole entity. Agreed. What would one be without the contrast of two? Was two ever one? one could be driven insane with the simplicity of this dynamic.


Vibration guided her feet through the crowd. Enticing all senses, the deep and penetrating feeling of sound drew her further into the music. Entranced by the zooming charge, oblivious to the bare skinned undulations, she charged toward the speaker as if it had demanded her presence. Possessed by the sound, she offered her body to the speaker. Bliss overtook her being as if orgasm could envelop the entire body
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