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Yeah, something was odd.

Cam unpacked her schoolbag on the kitchen table while she listened and answered to her parents inquiring questions about how her school day had been. She knew their worries by now, they had moved to this neighborhood four months ago and though she had no objections to it, Cam´s parents were watching their daughter closely.

Some kids went through school with nothing but the same usual troubles (first love,petty fights with friends, drinking and occasional smoking). Other people’s kids could go through a more harsh time in school, bullying, drugs and even worse trouble.

Since Cam´s parents were well educated folks they also knew that there was always the slight chance that things more horrific than that could occur. They would have to be careful, moving to a new place was always a breeding ground for a kid’s falling out with their parents. At least, Cam´s parents had read, according to the experts who studied these things.

But now there was something else
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The lonely hearted

help, either with some promotion or even some practical advice to improve my writing.

Ellie would laugh her socks off if she could hear these thoughts. Ask her about Bren and she could reel off a dozen stories of drunken embarrassment, missed dates, disappointments and silences which were uncomfortable for me, but of which he was oblivious as he dozed behind his dark glasses.

Grrrr! The fury rises up in me again. Why do I do this? Every time I start to calm down my thoughts fall back into a pattern of all the times I should have asserted myself, all the times I should have called an end to his casual treatment of me. Why did I allow myself to be put through it all, only to be cast aside? Why am I unable to function as a complete, individual person? Why can't I stop shackling myself to unsuitable other halves? Oh I'm sick of myself today.

Okay it's time to get some perspective, this is unhealthy and my head space is starting to turn toxic. Ellie - I need to call her.
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You Shall Not Control Me

I started to speak but she turned around and said in a loud voice "Well, why don´t you give us a little presentation of yourself dear, mhm?" She took a seat behind what I recognised was her, the teachers desk, and smiled at me. I could see her yellow teeth from where I was standing.

I began to clear my throat but fell silent, everyone was looking at me and as I stod up the room was so silent I could hear my desk neighbor breath. This is not going well, I though to myself.

I looked up at the teachers desk and I could see a rectangular bronze colured name tag, standing on her desk. She caught my attention and smiled even wider. "Well child, maybe you want to skip presentation for now, feeling a bit shy are you, mhm?"

This teacher, this Glenda Waterson, would pester my life the coming year I just knew it!

Shark Bait

I recognised the principials voice, and has he spoke my entire body froze up and I felt unreal. This is what he said:

"Will Amy Reinstone and Tom Lasseter please report to the principels office at once"

Tom knocked on my shoulder, "Hey, Amy come on, let´s see what kind of trouble we can get into" He smiled at me and I felt so afraid. I slowly stood up and started walking towards the door, Tom had already left the classroom and I could hear him whistle some silly and annoying tune out in the hall.

As I passed Jills desk I stopped and darted back to get my purse with me. I would not leave this behind me now that I may need it more than ever.
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