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"Well, I am not OK with you thinking you can just do things without me, you know?" Lesbian Dad was wiping at her face as a tear began to trickle into the picture. "When you were little, it was easy, you know?"
"And now that I am independent, it scares you, huh?"

I mean, back then you would cry and we had a list of things we could do to comfort you. Tummy, yummy, cuddles, diapers. Rock you to sleep and listen to the sound of your contented snores. No problems. And now that you are growing up so fast, I just don't know anymore. Don't you think we want you to be happy? To have a happy life? A lot of friends and fitting in and art. . .and music and contentment. . ."
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He stopped abruptly and heard the growling sound again, not sure where it was coming from so he tightened his grip around the board in his hand. He heard the door close to the front of the house and prepared himself for a confrontation with whatever or whoever may be in the house with him.

In time, 4 years in the future, Ken and sandy were still putting up pictures of Arlin on all the telephone poles and continuing to bug the sheriff about any news in the investigation of their missing son.


Ella kept staring at the wall and then there was no wall and her cello fell over from its stand. No sound came from the crash. She looked into the void of white noise and saw another being walking toward her. The person kept walking but seemed to never get any closer. She started to pick up her cello but it was on it's stand. She looked at the person walking toward her again but the person was still walking and getting no closer. Something stirred next to her and as she turned, her eyes opened in great surprise. She opened her mouth to speak and.......
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