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The Boy in the Tree

But then it did.He then went to school and his friend mike came and said if he wanted to go to a new short cut he found.Joey said it was fine.Then he told him the short cut was through the woods.

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I picked up the phone and my hands were shaking. No one ever rings at this time! " Hello"

" Ella its Tony can you come back to the theatre I've locked myself out and I left my car keys inside"

"Are you kidding me? it takes thirty minutes for me to get there isnt there anyone else you can ring or get a taxi home or something?" I have to tell you now I neither like or trust this man he really gives me the creeps. I mean really.

 " You are the only one in town with a spare set Ella you know that please help me I dont have the money for a taxi and I dont feel like walking home its pouring with rain"

No kidding, I thought and you expect me to drive in it! I thought this is silly and I didint trust him I was trying to get my head round it all when he spoke again and this time chills ran through my whole body

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