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The Gathering of the Monks.

All serve as one mind to God.
The order is a haven to the lost, the children born to a family too poor to raise them, the farmers who’s crop perished meaning they could no longer eat, the stupid and the weak, all who are lost, hungry and penniless - will come to the order.
The prospect of names is alien to many, the prospects of opportunity outside the order never conceived, never realising none of them will be thanked and they spend every day underfed, overworked and ill-treated by the common folk.
This is not the case with our clergyman. Often he has conceded the depths and meanings of life and often conceded if there really was a God. With days of endless walking he had much time to do so.
He would not be a slave. Not to God, not to the King, not to anyone.
Along the endless miles of dusty path, through the shallow green hills and below the setting sun; a stranger walk. A young clergyman walks, alone. Muttering through the vast and empty landscape.
A thin stream runs level with the path for a time, from the distant mountains where the late sunset lends the clouds a bronze glow and turns the far off peaks into black silhouettes on the horizon.
He sticks his simple religious staff in the wet mud and kneels on all fours towards the river. He drinks for a time, then looks up at his face in the water. Thin, dirty. His cloak is torn and ragged and his stomach is empty.
The clergyman stairs darkly into the water, enough, he would serve no more.

Lion in Disguise

Gerry had missed Christine on Saturday and when Monday rolled around he waited for her at the cafe where they met regularly. When she did not show he became worried and drove by her house but it seemed that no one was home. He knew better because he always saw her mom there. His next move was to ring the bell and ask for her. When he finally did the mother answered and gave him a dirty look. She told him that Christine had been sent away to a girls college and would not be around for at least 6 months. Gerry was devastated but swore he would find out where she was. He drove down the street slowly thinking where to start.


To them, the sullen and stolid city of Goliath, California was comforting with its lack of diversity, colour, or change. There were plenty of different races, sure, and luckily no major racism, but everyone is the same: dull. I never noticed how dreary this town was until I came back just a few weeks ago.


words unspoken

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'Hi',said he.
'Hi',she replied softly.

That is what she was able to say.

Her heart ached.Seeing him some days;sometimes not at all.It was going to be harder than she thought. She had never felt like that before. It seemedas if the feeling grew stronger with every passing moment.

Having the feeling was not the worst part-having it and not being able to tell,now that is what she was not able to handle. She told herself she would get over him one way or another. But deep down she knew she was afraid of rejection; that her heart would so cruelly be broken by the very man she adored. She could not; would nor accept to be rejected. In a way she was justified in her action of keeping it a secret. It was better not telling him than doing so and ending up hurt-the very thing she was trying to avoid in the first place.

He was tall,handsome, intelligent, loving,charming, to mention but a few of his traits. The few instances she had interacted with him made her like or love (she wasn't sure which) him even more. How could she not? He had everything a girl could hope for-he was definitely her kind of guy. But there was just one problem...

He was engaged.
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