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Assignment one

   President Obama certainly did lose confidence and control in the mid-term election, but that, in my opinion, is primarily his lack of understanding our own Constitution, or rather, ignoring it. Mr. Obama has continuously forced things onto the American people by circumventing the rules that he was sworn to uphold, so his own contradiction is coming back to bite him, so to speak.

    I know very little of the differences between our two countries, sorry to say. I have always known that Canada tends to be neutral in global "skirmishes" and for that I applaud your political leaders. This country cannot seem to mind its own business, something that half of Americans wish they would do. We have so many problems within our borders, so maybe fix what's broken here, first.




and at the windowsill was his brother's poisonus viper freed from it's cage , chris grabbed the viper and quickly tossed it onto the zombie's face , ater being thrust with poison the zombie fell and started twitching ... chris: I have to stop it somehow , so he grabbed the kitchen knife and tried cutting it's head off but it was so hard he got his dad's axe and as he made his way back to the kitchen the zombie was gone and as he looked over his shoulder the slightly beheaded zombie was there but after 7 seconds it fell onto the ground again .. chris: that must be it now I know how to kill it , I must go warn everybody , but how do we extract the snake's poison and as he walked in a hurry to share this with everyone another zombie came from the window , chrish hastly threw the viper on it but this time no effect at all ,, chris : can't be are they .. connected? did that one just form antibodies and transfered it to it's offspring? if so then I have to find the head zombie , the one who

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The Rock

Johnny Olzewski is my hero. It was 1959 and I was 11 years old and Johnny "O" was a new running back for the perpetually awful George Marshall Washington Redskins

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The Reporter

The solution to his dilemma was such a simple one! What did it matter if he lost the man's phone number? He recalled seeing a card advertising his informant's construction company at a local deli - just the stroke of luck he'd need. He quickly finished up his coffee and, without a moment's delay, rose from his seat.

"It's about time that I get to work. This is going to be the biggest story in news since Nixon's Watergate scandal - and I'm the one who's going to gather the facts to make it happen."

The gloomy atmosphere that had preceded him had all but disappeared. He shambled over to the cash register, hand in his pocket, attempting to free the scrunched up dollar bills from their place wedged in between the ring of his car keys. With a curt smile to the cashier, he paid his bill and rushed out of the door to Cafe Luna.
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