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Warmth enveloped me as I slowly climbed out of the abyss of unconsciousness to that shadowy place between sleep and wake, letting myself slowly rise to full consciousness. I had awakened fully rested, a feat of unusual frequency in recent memory. But last night I had slept, to awaken feeling uncharacteristically safe, secure, and happy. And it was all because yesterday had been a turn around day.

Creating Community in Story

The biggest difference between nations isn't political it's just human nature. We are two nations built upon great standards of commitment which shows in our peoples. I'll always feel that "Big Brother" is watching out for Canada, and who has to fight when you've got such a great brother. It's looks like we will all agree to disagree.
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Empire Victoria

I'm not sure if Canadian entertainment & pop culture's heavy intertwinement with America's is a matter of Canada's identity so much as it's a natural result of a shared language and industry. The United States is a global entertainment hegemon and leader of the industry. If an artist "makes it in the States," so to speak, that of course leads to increased popularity because of the larger market. I wouldn't say it's that Canada models its entertainment culture after the States so much as we're one of many countries who are tuned into what America is producing, since they have the greater capabilities (with more money and a centralization of the entertainment industry in Hollywood).

Empire Victoria2

I feel like we see less of dichotomy between Americans and Canadians when we analyze one another at the regional and occupational level. When I mean occupation, I extend that title to the student body also. Having lived in both the United States and Canada, I feel that our similarities extend beyond the 49th parallel. For instance, A Canadian may have more in-common with their American counter parts based on socioeconomic status. For example, it's evident that West Vancouver can draw stronger connections with places like Orange County as opposed to the downtown east side. Furthermore, on a occupational level, the student body (American or Canadian) probably have common political agendas : better job prospects and subsidized education. I hope that this exercise with Empire State College will exemplify these similarities. However, differences still remain- using everyone's favorite example :health care.
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