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An Abnormal Day at the Beach.

On a fine sunny afternoon, I decided I wanted to take a walk on the beach. It wasn't my normal daily routine, but I was up for anything that day... Or so I thought. Strange things started to happen, and I will remember them for the rest of my life.

Ashes of Autumn

It was another day of darkness in what used to be the season of autumn. There was no sight of food or life as Dejinera and Aiden hid in the last clean air capsule left in the government safe house. Everyone was dead and they sat there waiting for a rat or even grubs so they could eat. Famished, Aiden couldn't take watching Diejenera starve so he grabbed a mask and began to head out into the darkness. She tried to stop him from going but he went on.
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The next room was large and smelled of musty books. It seemed to be a sitting room with an open fireplace and a considerable number of bookshelves and ornaments. Kyle gestured for the others to come inside.
The eeriness of being in someone else’s house at night without them knowing was slowly starting to get to Kyle and each footstep he or his friend’s made felt like crescendo of sound. His heart thumped as he searched through the bookshelves but it wasn’t here either. He moved slowly and quietly towards the next door. A little gasp from behind him caught his attention. It was Scott and he had seen what Kyle hadn’t. The looming figure of the Professor standing in the door frame and there it was, hanging from his belt.

Metamophosis - Open

Warmth enveloped me as I slowly climbed out of the abyss of unconsciousness to that shadowy place between sleep and wake, letting myself slowly rise to full consciousness. I had awakened fully rested, a feat of unusual frequency in recent memory. But last night I had slept, to awaken feeling uncharacteristically safe, secure, and happy. And it was all because yesterday had been a turn around day.
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