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This one did not cower.

He looked curiously at the audience, and a smile spread across his face. He strode to center stage, eyes turning towards those in the highest seats, and settling on the highest. The man seated there leaned forward curiously, with an eyebrow raised, now assured that this one would entertain.
He couldn't possibly win the people to his side. Look at him! Full of it, completely unapologetic, watching the audience with an expression of fascination and arrogance.
Now their eyes locked.

The man on the stage did not stop smiling, but there was something in his smile that told a different emotion than he was projecting before. It was only for a moment, though. And then he turned back to the audience, and laughed.

"Good people," He said, leaning out towards the masses, "Good people, I am not here to apologize."

Land of Lucidity

Chapter 1: Hollow
The rain on the side of the window was all I could focus on. That, and the warm breath of Luca trailing down my neck. I tore my gaze away from the drops, to look at the boy by my side. As he slept I couldn't help but feel a slight disgust from the slow movement of the train and how he could sleep so soundly while I sat alone to watch the rain on the windows, every one of them sliding sideways against the movement of the train. I felt Luca pull his head from my shoulders and raise his arms high above his head. "It's okay Hollow, we'll be there soon." It was then I realized it was a dream. I arose my senses and knew I had no idea who this boy next to me was, what he wanted or where we were going. I knew I had become lucid. "Where are we going?" I asked him and as he opened his mouth to respond I was greeted by the intensity of a blaring radio alarm clock. In a daze, I realized how real the dream had been and how much I wanted to be back in it. I jogged downstairs to eat breakfast with all the other kids in the house. "As soon as I can, I'm out of here."

An Abnormal Day at the Beach.

On a fine sunny afternoon, I decided I wanted to take a walk on the beach. It wasn't my normal daily routine, but I was up for anything that day... Or so I thought. Strange things started to happen, and I will remember them for the rest of my life.

Ashes of Autumn

It was another day of darkness in what used to be the season of autumn. There was no sight of food or life as Dejinera and Aiden hid in the last clean air capsule left in the government safe house. Everyone was dead and they sat there waiting for a rat or even grubs so they could eat. Famished, Aiden couldn't take watching Diejenera starve so he grabbed a mask and began to head out into the darkness. She tried to stop him from going but he went on.
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