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Nighters in the Moonlight

I was inspired by an old best friend who showed me stories that he wrote on his own, and also I was inspired by books to give me a few ideas.

Interviews With Shitheads

Hi all this is my first story here. Really i don't know what to type and I am really poor in this. But as the title suggests INTERVIEW with SHITHEADs, it sounds very funny and realistic. I just want to share my moment with you which reminds me of this very title. Yeah, this world has got plenty of shitheads and you don't have to work hard to find those. I meet many a day, you also might but the thing is to recognize them at the first meet.


That is quite the introduction.
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Adventures on the Moon

"Happy New Year!" shouted Sprung and his little alien family. "I wonder what 1969 is going to be like in our moon-house" said Sprung. "It's going to be great!" said his dad. Then, they heard a knock at their door. "I'll get it " said Sprung as he leaped to the door.
Sprung opened the door and saw his good friend Adha. "Where is Caloon?"asked Sprung, "he's gonna miss all the action!" "He's hiding right behind me" whispered Adha. "You can come out now," said Sprung "I can see you"" Oh Dear " Caloon said "my hiding location has failed me" "Hey, let's go to see the future" said Sprung.
So they all went to Sprung's laboratory. They looked at the future and saw mankind on the moon!
"hmmmm" said Sprung "Iwonder what they are gonna do here
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