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A Life Examined

This wasn't Maggie's usual way. Or was it? She knew so very few people and was called upon so infrequently by family that she couldn't say for certain whether or not she was the type to open her home up to visitors who come unannounced. She felt dazed, nervous almost, unsure what to do next now that this bedraggled man stood before her in her living room, looking about himself with a vacant gaze.

It occurred to Maggie that her mother once told her, on one of those rare occasions she saw her mother, when the nurse was sick, not to talk to strangers and not to answer the door for them. She felt almost a thrill at having broken this rule, but also felt very stupid. Was she not putting herself in danger by admitting a strange man into her home?

"Is there someone I can...call for you?"
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Love, Lust, and Everything Above

It was a beautiful cool, sunny day, walking down a small thin trail with blades of grass every so slightly peeking through the dirt beneath my feet. Along side me are rows of dark green trees with large flat leaves. The wind is slightly breezing by, making the leaves gently whisp side to side. I whisp a piece of my bangs to the side of my face, my luscious blondish brownish hair that when hit by the sun can look like shimmering gold. My deep hazel eyes and luscious lips that could stop anyone in their tracks. My slender body, walking down this trail with nowhere in particular to go. I'm wearing a loose pink shirt, one shoulder peeking out over the rim of the shirt. A skirt that is tight around my waist, black and gray in color, just showing off my curves. On my feet are some thin sandles so I can just barely feel the ground beneath my feet.

Marina's unusual love for feet

Marina was a tall girl with cute face and long brown hair. In summer she went to sanatorium so she could rest. Her feet were a size 37
european, and she didnt want them to grow more.
One day she found a crystal half buried in the ground. It was shining red.
-Hmm... What if i take it? Marina thought.
She approached the crystal. Suddenly red liquid from a crystal spilled into her feet.
-What is that? Marina cleaned her feet, but it was too late
Her feet began tinling As crazy and her shoes became a tight fit....


"You're not supposed to exist, dear."

Her surroundings did not make sense. The walls seemed fractured, the faces were incorrect, the voice sounded flat.

"In fact, you've already lived twice too long." the voice addressed her still, but a second joined it.

"What will we do about her? Just shut her down, do you think?"

"Kill her? But she's such a rare thing."

"Oh, then send her back? Send her back to live a fourth life? She's a glitch, a mistake. We've run enough risks with her already."

"She hasn't really broken any of the rules..."

They seemed to be contemplating her fate, still. She sat up, not sure what kind of surface was supporting her, as she could not feel it. "Where am I?" She asked, trying to locate the source of the voices.

This query was met with laughter.
"See? See? She's as ordinary as they come. I'll send her right back, I think."

"You're right. Though to be honest I'm a little disappointed..."
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