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The tailor-thief

The last bus from The City to The Suburbs had just left. It was 1.38am on a regular Thursday. On the bus, a diversity of people, who were getting off through the itinerary. But "The Guy" remained till the last stop. No wonder. He feel asleep - deep sleep - and missed his spot. The Driver woke The Guy up, and as the last stop was only three stops away from his apartment, he decided to drag his body and walk home.

Ding-dong! And Roommate #1 opens the door.

- Dude, so sorry, but I think I lost my key somewhere.

- I'm not surprised. It probably fell from that giant whole on your jeans. Come in!

The Guy haven't noticed that round hole, probably cut with scissors while he was asleep on the bus.

- Gosh, what was that?! I didn't have this thing before I hopped on the bus. Really. I have no idea about what really happened here.
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Little Ladybugs

So the ladybug sisters skipped back through the meadow, past the stream to their house to plan the next "make believe" day. "What do you want to be tomorrow Penny Pen?" asked Linnie. "I don't know yet. Maybe I will dream a 'make believe' tonight." Penny replied as they skipped into the house and to their beds.

Lost, but confident

The tangles of my hair I touch.
Different colors in my sight.
Disgusting and magical tastes.
Loud with softness near my ear.
Horrifying, but wonderful smells.
Why can't it be settle?
What made it this confusing?
How did it became so stressful?
Who is causing this?
When did I started getting confused?
One word which describes this.
Confused in my head, feeling like I want to rip my head apart from my body, having to lay there still as my head roll against the floor.
The soul is fighting between.
My head feels like a hammer.
Sitting and thinking.
Whether I solve this out?
Or do I stay confused?
Gets advice, but sort of helpful, but not totally.
I need to think this through.
As I got through the mazes, between the lines that lies before me, as I find my way home once again.
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Broken in Sorrows

All the time I've been near you.
you just kept walking along the road.
Like there's no life behind.
Leaf's turn brown and falls, as rain roll down my soft cheeks.
My aching pain within my heart, shattered and ripped.
Left me to die in hell, the day you kept walking.
Never ever looked back to see the shining light.
The one who lifted you up, brighten your smile.
Now all to crumples, and broken down to pieces.
I fall to the ground.
Your name against my lips, coming out like a broken harmony, as you kept walking.
Leaving me there to die.
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