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A Day in Heaven

Charlie knew his sudden rise to fame would cost him greatly down the road- but it was not a deal worth making if he spent the next ten years in fear of what was to come. He would enjoy his soul, until the devil took it, as per the bargain he made. Though, really, should the devil be allowed to bargain with the so heavily inebriated? At any rate, he was enjoying being on the cover of the music magazines, the interviews, the congratulations on his sudden rise and chart topping genius, and nobody needed to know he was no genius, but a complete idiot.

My Super Hero - Leo

Leo Singh was in this asylum for 10 years, he was admitted to this asylum for notorious temperament and un controlled fearsome power. When he was a child and as a teenager he have displayed quality which surpasses many kids mischief. It is in this asylum those priests brought his power under control. Throughout his asylum life, he was thinking Who he is?. The only question he keep asking to others and to himself is “ Who is he?”

Now today he is free from asylum and left all alone , while he is waking past those green pasture along the river side, a gypsy appeared in front of him and gave a ring, asked him to try. He tried , the ring look very odd but attractive, memorizing . For a while he thought the ring is speaking to him and trying to tell who he is. He lifted his head and started looking for the gypsy, but gypsy is no where to find. He is gone.

Dear writer of this story,
I am the gypsy who you created to pass on your ring to your super hero. So that’s end of my character, is this what you intend to do with me. You, the writer assumes god’s position to decides your character r destiny. I am not worried about this as for us marginalization is part of our life. I wish your best on your quest to create your super hero,
Best Of luck

Un Named Mysterious Gypse


Jon, in exasperation put his head in his hand and Squeezed the bridge of his nose...having his eyes shut again felt wonderful, not having to see the man in front of him, the scar on his face made Jon feel uneasy. The incessant beeping of the monitor was becoming too much for his aching head, with his eyes still closed he leaned back into the bed "so,what is this proposition..." Jon, not getting a response opened his eyes in annoyance only to find that the man with the scar and the proposition was no longer in the room. Bothered by the monitor's incessant beeping, and by the strange man's lack of presence and cryptic conversation Jon ripped the wired from his chest, the IV from his arm, and the oxygen from his nose. The beeping turned into a long tone, and still angered, Jon kicked it over, unplugging it. With the new found silence, Jon's head cleared and he could finally think, he could finally hear, but there was nothing to hear,there was a silence, a silence that chilled his bones.
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Alice in Wonderland (The Dark Truth

Of course everyone knows about the little girl named Alice. Everyone knows that Alice had a great adventure in Wonderland but now is the time for all of you to know the truth.....

"Alice you're now 16 yrs. old so I think your ready to know the truth"said Alice's sister trembling. "I don't understand sister, what do you mean?I..."answered Alice confused. "You have the power to visit other dimensions by your dreams which leads your life to danger."her sister. "Sister don't be silly everything's alright. If that is true so what? Why would my life be in danger?"asked Alice again. "You must finish your travel in Wonderland before it turns into a nightmare. And.... If that happens our world might become a part of their world,or worst.....you might never woke up again....." Her sisters body is trembling with fear. Even Alice started to tremble of what she'd heard. "The...then what should I do!
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