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The Village of Terror

Nathan extended an arm to the young man standing below. Grox gripped it, and Nathan grimaced as the older boy made his way up the rock.When the last part of his body had surfaced, Grox let out a loud, “Whew!” and stood up, hands on his hips.“This is really something!”
Nathan scanned the edge of the forest with his binoculars. Then he doubled back and covered the area immediately next to it. Something caught his eye.
“Grox, come here.”
“Someone’s there.”
“Woah! You're right!"
“Stay here and keep watch,” Nathan ordered.
"But I'm older- Hey, where are you going?"
Nathan grabbed his backpack and started down the other rock. The person started out as a dot in his vision. Then it was blue bubble. When he was within twenty feet of the figure, he finally realized that it was a young woman. She was holding a gun.
“I’m not going to hurt you.” Natan said, terrified.
The girl said nothing, and he noted that the gun was aimed directly at her head.
“Hey, its ok. Just set it down.”
She didn’t appear to hear him. Nathan wondered how long she had been standing this way. She hadn’t moved since he first spotted her. Her finger moved, triggering a clicking noise.
“Calm down, everything’s ok. Just set it down.”
She moved her finger to the trigger. He closed the distance between them in a matter of seconds. Her eyes flickered to his face for a split second, and she pulled the trigger. But his hand was on the gun first.

My Life- finding it hard

To add to the woes I have this nagging habit of lamenting over my sad past. I know within that I must find a way to move on, pave a path for my future despite the chaos in my life. I try to push my grief away by trying to carve some time for the love of my life from my monotonous routine. He's like that flower on a leafless tree - my only hope.

One fine Sunday, I decide to take a daring step; something that would script the prophecies of a future worth living.

The Adventures Of Rain And Thunder

Rain was quiet and subtle in the way she carried herself. Whereas thunder was hasty and eloquent. Their rendezvous was scripted, at least that is what Windy thought. Unlike Rain and Thunder, Windy was her real name, not a code name. But she believed that their encounter would be chaotic.
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