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The Summer Fair

She jumped as she heard the floor creak behind her. A shadow fell over her and she scrambled to her feet. Her uncle stood in the doorway, blocking the light. He looked so much like her father that she felt her heart clench. His eyes were full of a darkness she had never seen in him though.
"What are you doing here"
"I think you know," he said. "You were always such a smart girl. I'm glad you finally figured it out, actually. I'm relieved. Your father never did. Even as he was taking his last breath, he never put it together. He was always so self-absorbed that he never stopped to look at the people around him, and what they might be feeling. What they could be capable of."
"What did you do? Did you hurt him? I don't understand. He loved you."
"He loved himself, and he loved the family money. Don't kid yourself."
"Is that was this was all about? Money?"
"He was always the favorite. When our father passes away, everything will go to him. I had to do something."
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Suddenly, and without warning, Mr Druff fell to the floor. I checked his pulse, and he was dead. We were both dead. I buried him in the woods, and then I buried myself next to him. Everything went dark. Thousands of years passed, but we were both dead, never to be revived.

Many years later, Earth was destroyed, and the Sun burnt out. All life in the entire universe ceased to exist.

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I Will Find You

"I have a surprise for you." He smiled at me while tugging on my hand. I followed obediently, not even knowing who this handsome boy was. His chocolate hair was spiked up in a messy way making him cute looking, but I couldn't quite see his face.
"Where are you taking me?" I noticed that we had entered a dark hallway and there was no light at all. "I can't see."
He gave my hand a squeeze. "Don't worry I'm here for you and we're almost there."
My hear started thumping rapidly and everything around me felt so humid. Boom-Boom! Boom-Boom!
Even though I didn't know who he was, it felt like we've known each other our whole lives.
"Close your eyes." And I did without question. I had so much faith in him that I didn't need an explanation. He let go of my hand and all of a sudden I was getting sucked into a black hole. My eyes quickly opened and now I was free falling farther and farther down this endless black pit. "Em! Em! Emmmmmm!" He had this frantic look on his face and I tried to figure out he was. As I fell, I had this confused face on while he kneeled on the ground shouting, "I promise you, I will find you again. We will be together soon. I promise!" Tears fell down his cheeks and everything turned pitch black. Who are you? What's your name? When will we see each other again?
"Em! Wake Up! Em!" Sophie shook me until I woke up.

The Secret Between Us

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