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The Envelope

Sarah quickly grabbed the tea towel off the table and tossed it onto the spilled tea before she walked tentatively towards the door. She pulled the curtain on the left side of the front door to the side and no one was there.

Turning the lock, she closed her eyes and breathed out deeply...a meditation she'd learned to do in times of fear. Pulling the door open, she was relieved that the no one she was expecting was a no one.

As she began to push the door to she looked down at the welcome mat and there was a package. It was the size of the pen case she received on graduation. She quickly picked it up and closed and locked the door.

Walking away from the door, she pulled open the lid on the box. A knife she thought at first, realizing quickly that it was a letter opener. There was a large Citrine in the center of the handle. Her favorite stone. Her mother's favorite stone. It gleemed sliver. She reached to pick it up as the first tone of midnight began to chime.

What to Wear When Meeting a Kennedy

"Jim, we have dinner with the Robertson's tonight." Kate calls through the bathroom door as her husband shaves, "you said you could make it when I accepted the invitation."

"If I said I will be there, I will be there." Kate can hear him angrily swishing his razor in the sink of water.


Trying Again

as Monica rode to the police station she could not help but reflect on the events of the day. She had Shot a man, her Ex husband tried to kill her and run away with her sister, and her sister was dead.

when they arrived at the police station monica was escorted to a small interagation room.

"now before you say anything i need to tell you you have the right to a lawyer." said one police officer.

a lawyer for what, she was thinking what had Zac told them in the short amount of time since the shooting.

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The tailor-thief

The last bus from The City to The Suburbs had just left. It was 1.38am on a regular Thursday. On the bus, a diversity of people, who were getting off through the itinerary. But "The Guy" remained till the last stop. No wonder. He feel asleep - deep sleep - and missed his spot. The Driver woke The Guy up, and as the last stop was only three stops away from his apartment, he decided to drag his body and walk home.

Ding-dong! And Roommate #1 opens the door.

- Dude, so sorry, but I think I lost my key somewhere.

- I'm not surprised. It probably fell from that giant whole on your jeans. Come in!

The Guy haven't noticed that round hole, probably cut with scissors while he was asleep on the bus.

- Gosh, what was that?! I didn't have this thing before I hopped on the bus. Really. I have no idea about what really happened here.
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