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Christmas AU || Mildred and Lucas

It was Christmas time, Wilhelm and Irene had taken off to celebrate it in Bohemia with the family and Mildred was going to go with, but, she changed her mind at the airport. Excusing herself and running of, back to her flat. Deciding that she had spent many Christmases at home with her family and now she wanted it to spend it at her new home with her new somewhat messed up family. Even if it would just end up with Her and Lucas. "Hey. What you doing?" She asked while taking off her coat and scarf, kicking off her boots with a smile.

An uncommon occurence

Samantha searched for weeks to find the money of Peter and his family after they all died. Finally, she found a piece of paper with the location of the money. She quickly ate the paper and started out the door to find the money. As she walked up to her car, a bear that had escaped from the zoo ran up and attacked her, killing her instantly. The bear completely devoured her entire body, and then ran inside her house. Just then, her house exploded and the bear was burnt to ashes. Years went by, the human population went extinct, and the Earth was filled with animals until they also all went extinct as well.

A Bouncing Pen

Suddenly, there was a second explosion. BOOM! The pen was instantly vaporized. The entire crowd, including Ben, was killed in the explosion. Everything was destroyed. After the war, the city was condemned and buried under by machines that had taken over the earth and had killed all of the human population. Unfortunately, the next Windows Update had a bug and permanently disabled all of the machines. Earth withered away, and eventually fell out of orbit and burnt up as it hit the sun.



I decided to leave. There was just too much drama here. I needed to go somewhere peaceful, maybe Nebraska or the Netherlands. So, I went to the bar, found a woman, and got married. We had 4 children. Years later, we were all in a plane crash. There were no survivors. No one attended our funeral.

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