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Turn the Tides

The waters kept rising over the years. I figured the world would end when I was dead, and my great grandchildren would handle the burden. However, the temperatures kept rising. The news kept reporting inches and inches of water level increase every week. After two years since the rapid temperature increase, everyone started to panic.

It wasn't the realization that the world would be covered in water in the span of a few years, no. It was the realization that came too late. I presumed everyone thought Global Warming could last a little longer. Every day, hope that it would last, and that same hope repeated everyday. Then realization came too late. Hoping was not action, and eventually everything fell apart.

My family was on the edge. We were packing our things to move. We lived on the peninsula of Florida, which was surrounded by water. Several lower elevated places have received floods of sea water on beaches. At the rate of the water, Florida would be underneath the ocean's surface in a year. And several more years after, continents and continents would be flooded over.

I got my first-hand experience when I woke up the morning we were leaving when several feet of water bore its way into the streets overnight, flooding our house, and our car.
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Due to the idea of feminism and the great lesbian ideas that turned the entire world into an everlasting lesbian world dictatorship, I was able to afford such erotic luxuries such as my favorite ice cream, Cherry Garcia. Of course, Cherry Garcia was a famous lesbian who overthrew the democracy of America and started the revolution that brought the government shown in the world today. And as of today, the 20th of April, 2069, I lounged in a lawn chair beside my lesbian best friend, Harley Burly, a really large and muscular man who enjoyed a fresh taste of the new edition to the ice cream flavor, The Lingerie.

One Day...


Imane, Yo deseo seguir con mi hija estudiando música y hacer de mi sueño desde bien pequeña, realidad.

Leo, dessig que el meu ocell me faci cas ...

Àngela, dessig poder llegir els pensaments de sa gent i ser invisible.

Noor, Yo deseo tener una vida relacionada con el piano y que el piano que quiero es de cola y de colorines y purpurina mágica

Martina, yo deseo un spinner y que me den el slime.

Vicent, Esperc qe un dia pogui tocar es violí com es grans mestres, crec que serà un dia molt llunyar ... però ho aconseguiré !!!!!

Uma, deseo ser bueníiiisima escritora.

Liam, yo deseo tener vida infinita.

Jana, dessitjo tenir un cavall molt gros, anar a concursar i guanya!

Maria, desearía que algún dia se acabara la guerra para siempre y que todo el mundo fueran amigos y nadie se peleara con nadie.


One Day

One day
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