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Heaps of new features!

As of just now we have uploaded a new version of the StoryTimed site with heaps of new features which we think will make the site more enjoyable and more social.

Here's a brief rundown of what is new:

  • Friends - You can now create your own list of friends from other members of StoryTimed. Having friends means you can write stories together in groups and quickly and easily message them whenever you need to
  • Groups - You can now create your own private groups. You create the group and add any of your friends to the groups. Then when you create a new story you can choose to only allow members of one of your groups to make contributions to the story.
  • Group and Private Stories - When you create a story you can now choose a group for the story and only members of that group are able to make contributions. You can also specify that the story is Private which means that only your group members can read the story too!
  • Filters and Sorting - You can now filter the open stories in a variety of different ways and you can also perform sorts such as "story closest to being complete". The Filters allow you to only show certain types of stories such as your group stories, closed book stories etc.
We hope that these latest changes make your time on the site even more enjoyable than it already is! Have fun and keep writing!

Article written by: alboyd

Article published: 11 Jun 2009

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