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Latest Changes

Hi All

I have just completed another set of changes for the site and of course while working on these I have thought of a couple more! Apart from a heap of "cosmetic" changes I have made (predominantly for Internet Explorer GRRR), I have made the following improvements:

  • You can now choose to "Follow" a story by receiving email notifications whenever a new contribution is made. Simply click on the "Watch this Story" link
  • Added pages to the "Show All Contributions" page so that you are not confronted with one huge long story - now you can use the navigation options to move from page to page while reading the story
  • Breaking the story down into pages, with the navigation, has also been added to the "Read Completed Story" pages - though at the moment no one has actually seen this page (we need to complete a story first!)
  • I have added three "social bookmarking" links on the right. These are for "Digg", "Facebook" and "StumbleUpon". The more people we tell about the site the more story writing that will happen!
That's it for now. Next up I am toying with the idea of user's being able to make an edit to their contribution for spelling/grammar reasons only which would be sent to a StoryTimed Administrator for review and approval.
Let me know what you think of the site and how it could be improved by sending me an email - link at the bottom of the page. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Article written by: alboyd

Article published: 13 May 2009

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More Changes and Improvements

I am always making changes and improvements to this site and thought I would periodically release some news about these changes. Below are a list of changes made with the latest release which went live a few minutes ago;

  • Added the ability for user's to leave a Story Contribution Queue
  • Changed the sort on Open Stories so that the story with the most recent contribution is displayed at the top
  • Closed Book stories now have a lower character limit as well as the normal 1000 character upper limit. Contributions for Closed Book stories must be more than 250 characters.
  • If a user has flagged a contribution they can unflag that same contribution
  • Warning messages are shown for flagged contributions
  • Contributions are suspended for Closed Book stories when the last contribution has been flagged

I have a few more changes coming up soon including the ability for user's to "watch" a story and be informed by email when a new contribution has been made.

If you would like to suggest more improvements for the site please send me an email using the email link at the bottom of this page.

Article written by: alboyd

Article published: 10 May 2009

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