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There was always the ability to make a comment on completed stories. But since we haven't completed one yet I couldn't see the harm in adding that feature to open stories as well - as long as they are Open Book stories. So if you would like to make comments about an Open Book story - just go to the "Show All Contributions" link and at the bottom are the comments.

Article written by: alboyd

Article published: 21 May 2009

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New Site Features

Hi All,

I have just added yet again more features to the site. These last ones took a fair bit of work but I think based on the experience of members since the site started, they were definately required and will be used often.

  • Members can now edit their contributions at any time using the links shown throughout the site
  • Edited contributions are sent to a StoryTimed Administrator/moderator to review and if they are acceptable they will be saved to the story. Changes can only be spelling, grammar and formatting type changes - nothing that alters the original contribution too much
  • Administrators can make similar changes to any member's contributions but if they do then the Original Contributor will be asked to review the changes and approve or decline
  • There is a link in your User area to the right now that enables you to browse through all your contributions across all the stories to which you have contributed. You can access the contribution editing features from this facility too
  • The Open Stories page now has a "thermometer" type picture at the top of the open story information section which shows the progress of the story. Remember each story has a contribution limit - this is a quick way to see how close the story is to reaching this limit
I think that is the lot! But I hope you will all agree these are good additions to the site. Again - if you have any other ideas please send them through to me via email. Don't forget to tell your friends about the site too so that we can get more and more active members to help our stories come along.

Article written by: alboyd

Article published: 19 May 2009

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