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The sound of raindrops, tenderly dripping, then rather aggressively hitting on the window seemed to have always been the rhythm of her life. What were sunny days good for if they could not awake those days, left behind. How would she ever be able to feel less guilty when her mood enlightened, with the help of the sun, while her heart was seeking for the rain.

The Unbearable Universe

"If only one could combine cookies and books somehow", she thought, "like a sort of cookie which is creating images, pictures in your head with every bit and every crumble you consume." This was also something essential to know about Sarah: The amount of books she had devoured all her life long, had opened her mind for fantasy in a way that some others might have considered her crazy. Well, 'might have' was not really the right phrase; actually most people were thinking of Sarah as a rather curious girl. But she really did not care at all. Because after all, she had her own world, she could escape into.

grade 5 story


a new day

as i wake up in my cold hard bed i lean up and look out to see yet another rainy morning its been raining for weeks it seems even if its only rained for a day as a flash of lightning lights my room up i decide to get out of bed and head over to the shower my house is silent my i haven't seen my parents since freshmen year and i have no desire to its been four years i am in my senior year of high school and i am still nothing more than a useless kid who sits around all day with my friends getting high no one wants a dead beat in there life like that but i am very smart kid i just gave up on school when i was younger i had done things other kids only saw on TV the violence and drugs and parties had all been in the past now but i feel the urge to be that kid again i turn off my shower and grab my towel and walk up my stairs pick up a random shoe and throw it with all my might toward the couch area waiting to hear the scream of my best friend and room mate and as i expected he did scream i explain to him to get out of bed, he growled at me then rolled out. i let my thoughts consume my day i loath to be the old kid i used to be but no signs point to letting me be
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