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Those Who Ruled the World

Margot does not hear the name of the boy who stands in front of the class. She does, however, hear the music that roars from her earbuds.

Margot does not see what the boy looks like, her eyes are closed. She doesn't care. She doesn't. She usually never does.

But there's a curiosity inside of her, screaming 'You know you want to see! You know you want to! Open your eyes! Open them!'. So she does. She opens them.

He is writing his name on the board. His name is Harold. And he looks like a mess.

Margot is not sure what to think - as turns around and approaches her. So she thinks that if she had to imagine what his room would look like, it'd be far more messier than hers. And hers was quite messy.

He takes his seat. She doesn't look to him when he looks to her. She doesn't greet him when he greets her. She only closes her eyes and turns her head the other way, as per usual, when anyone tries to strike up a conversation.

He frowns and reverts his hand back, before turning toward the board, where his new teacher goes on about being nice and respectful to him.

Nice and respectful, he thinks, does not apply to his new desk partner. But that’s okay. He wasn’t intending to make many friends anyways.

Teen With No Intrest In Woman

- Hey, are you even listening dude? My friend Finn asked at lunch.

- Sorry, but I'm not interested in listening to you talking about how you were having drunken sex last night with a chick you've only known for ten minutes, I said.

- Oh, so your were listening, Calvin said teasingly.

- I was hearing, not listening, there are significant differences in those two actions, I mumbled.

Why is everybody so obsessed with sex? Everyone acts as if getting laid 24/7 is the most amazing thing in life. Well I'll tell them one thing....wake up fools. Sex is something you do only and entirely for reproducing. People blabbing about passion, lust and great sensations during sex are just poets caught up in their illusions of reality, since feelings are only chemical reactions in the brain. It lays like a fog over ones judgement, of course. Why else would a girl or woman just take it while the guy violently humps her in the ass? And why would a guy pay some stranger, a potential carrier of all

Bridges of the Stars

As the car fall over the cliff, her translucent body gained some life again, and as she tumbled to her death, she once felt the weight of bones on her. As she lay dying at the bottom of the cliff, she mumbled the name of her zombified lover..


Suddenly, a wild Thorton appears!
He wields a machete with Sparkle's name on it!
He hacks her head off with a clean blow!

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A Cult From Papua

Thorton saw the glitter in that hooker's eye, and he smiled. It was the same smile Zombie Jeanne had when he shopped her pretty little head off her body. She assumed today was her lucky day with this glorious nickel, but it was only bait for what came next.

He raised his machete and chopped her head clean off! blood came down like a waterfall of her life force pouring out like nothing he had seen before. She was another trophy, a close second to his dearest Jeanne.
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