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The right man

I walked with my group of soldiers through the forest, not knowing where the enemy's are or when they are planning to attack. The only thing what keeps going through my head is to keep my men alive. When I look at them I can see what they think: should I ever see my family again? And I am the one responsible for their lives. I was never ready to be sergeant, but I had no choice. Now I only have one objective, and that is to make the right decisions. My dad always said 'life is full with making choices but there is often no correct answer'. Was I really the right man for this task? Taking command from a squad I wasn't ready to lead? Well, I will probably find the answer during this war. The only thing I need to do is getting these men home.

The diary of a math friend

I have had this sensation once before. It was many years ago. I remember the smell, the vibrating feeling - the tingling going down my spine and all the way down to my toes. The cat reacted to the energy that must have been beaming from every cell in my being.. What was causing all this? I tried remembering how I had got here, but the more i tried the more I realized that I could not remember. I could feel all my memories fade away into the abyss. Where am I? Who am I? And what is that cat doing on the desk? I was overwhelmed, but not afraid.
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The diary of a math fiend

Yes, I was certainly feeling overwhelming by the cat that stood on the desk in front of me. But it was not in a bad way, I could still feel the tingling in my feets, but it seemed to spread slowly towards my spine. I still dont understand how this started.. Was it because of the kundulini yoga? or maybe it was caused by the freshly painted wall in the hallway? No, i was feeling quite a different kind if joy and pain at the same time. Where does it comes from?!

The lonely hearted

As I drove through the foggy night, I noticed how the rain had stopped shortly after I departed. All that remained was a thick gray fog hanging above the otherwise blooming suburbs.
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