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One Day...


Imane, Yo deseo seguir con mi hija estudiando música y hacer de mi sueño desde bien pequeña, realidad.

Leo, dessig que el meu ocell me faci cas ...

Àngela, dessig poder llegir els pensaments de sa gent i ser invisible.

Noor, Yo deseo tener una vida relacionada con el piano y que el piano que quiero es de cola y de colorines y purpurina mágica

Martina, yo deseo un spinner y que me den el slime.

Vicent, Esperc qe un dia pogui tocar es violí com es grans mestres, crec que serà un dia molt llunyar ... però ho aconseguiré !!!!!

Uma, deseo ser bueníiiisima escritora.

Liam, yo deseo tener vida infinita.

Jana, dessitjo tenir un cavall molt gros, anar a concursar i guanya!

Maria, desearía que algún dia se acabara la guerra para siempre y que todo el mundo fueran amigos y nadie se peleara con nadie.


One Day

One day
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One Day

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This better work now

“Sure, I don’t mind.” I said, after which I decided to read the menu yet another time before actually making a decision on what to order. I decided to go for some hot chocolate as well as chocolate cake, after which I waved to the waitress so I could place the order. While I was busy ordering a beverage and some cake, the man that had been standing next to the table for some time had finally decided to sit down. After the waitress had noted my order I finally had a moment to look around me in order to assess my surroundings. Up until that moment the man and I hadn’t really exchanged any words apart from the moment the man asked if he could take a seat. At that moment, however, my gaze finally crossed that of the man for the first time, and I noticed by the way he was looking at me that he must’ve been watching me closely for a while. “Is there something you need from me?” I asked him as I tried to get an impression of what kind of person it was.
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