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Once Upon an Time in Imgurland

As the computer booted up, he entered his login information. 'Wrong password' it said. Odd, he could have sworn he did it correctly. He didn't have to look at his keyboard anymore, it was all muscle memory at this point.
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” Death. Every time; death is the only thing I can be sure of. Because in the end, they all die, and I’m nothing without them”

The rain was falling heavily upon her grave; smattering peacefully, yet unable to wash away the pain of the memory of her. ” I was close this time, so close, But I can’t just give up just yet.”
He slammed his fist on the gravestone as he fell to his knees; his tears mingling with the rain. He slid his hand down the epitaph, reading it with his hand. Repeating her name in his mind. ” One more try then?”
He said shakily, closing his eyes. His lips were trembling as he managed to put on a final smile for her.

A quick pull of the trigger, and then there was silence.

Milk Mission

"Well, look who it is!" one of the guys said. "Hey, Josh, it's your idiot brother! I remember you peed your pants in high school."
My brother said nothing, he acted like he was distracted by one of the girls - the one with the long blonde hair and the curvy body. But I knew he was only pretending, but of course I was the only one who knew he was gay.

"Get out of my way." I said and pushed passed them. I hurried off on my journey to buy more milk. I could hear my brothers friends laughing in the background. I clinched my fists. There was something about that laugh made me very angry, violent images flashing before my eyes. But as usual, I walked on. I did nothing.

The strangers lambs

He took her hand and smiled. "Do you trust me?"
Her breath was steady, but she was trying hard to keep it that way. "That's a tricky question. We hardly know each other."
He took a step towards her. "That may be true, Becca, but I believe we can feel it - within us - we can feel whether or not to trust someone."

She nodded, unaware of whether or not she could trust him or not. The fact that he was so close to her made it hard to think.

"Come on then." was the next thing the stranger said and he pulled her along the riverside. "Where are you taking me?"

After a while he stopped and pulled her close. "This is it."
Becca looked around. "This is what?"

"Well, for one, this place is absolutely soundproof; besides there's noone here for the next two miles. The next phone booth is also far away and this is where the stream is the strongest."

She stared at him. "What are you talking about?"

The stranger smiled at her. "You're so adorable. And I do apologize. This may seem unordinary." He grabbed her arm and got his favorite knife out. "It'll be quick, I promise."

They would find her remains on the other side of the city in the morning. Meanwhile the stranger would be getting up to go to work like everybody else.
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