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"Is that right?" Lillian crossed her arms, she laughed, she knew they were chatting shit.

"Maybe?" Haz squinted his eyes.

"Jay. A word?" Lillian turned and walked into the darkness. Jay looked around, he didn't know why him specifically.

"Yeah sure?" Jay was uncertain. But followed her into the mist of the corridor. They stepped through into the school on the other side.

"Why am I here exactly?" Jay ran his finger along the lockers, they were covered in a purple dust.

"To see what you have done..."

"What I have done. No no, there must be some mistake? I have not played any part in this Lilly"

"Oh quite the contrary, you and Haz have quite the big part in it. Which is why I propose, both of you, get as far away from here as possible"

"Why would we do that?"

"Because I may have called some people..."

"And why did you do that"

"I have my reasons"


"You broke my heart Jay..."

Taming the playboy

Please read my story!

my life

the doctors had called me a miracle baby, born with out a heart beat. yet despite the odds I had managed to live. of course not all my troubles ended here. As a child there were many "incidents" that occurred around me.These so called "incidents" either put my life or the life of others in danger. making my parents extremely overprotective of me.

You Shall Not Control Me

"What the hell dude!? Can we get some privacy?" The guy shouted.

"Woah. Sorry man. Just trying to find my first class. This place is a maze!" I said putting my hands up and turning around to leave.

He proceeded to wave his hand at me and began making out with his 'girlfriend' again.
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