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The lonely hearted

As I drove through the foggy night, I noticed how the rain had stopped shortly after I departed. All that remained was a thick gray fog hanging above the otherwise blooming suburbs.
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Journey to Raithorn

The Shallie Creek drew itself upon the land like veins across the Whinehigh basin. T’was a maze of sorts, and the consistent greenery was enough to disorientate the most seasoned of explorers. The creek was filled with the ambianic ritual of dense and lush vegetation that flourished within. His majesty’s guard moved through the flora with effortlessness, bouncing to and fro between the woods of the west and His kingdom of the east. The precious wind from the high mountains of the north had a leizureness about them.
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The note from Arthur

"Harry!" Hermione yelled, desperately trying to get his attention. Harry kept focus, looking down at his plate of food. Ron continued to indulge himself in the food that lay before him, but surprisingly, noticed Hermione feeble attempts to grab Harry’s attention. Ron gave a quick nudge to Harry’s side and he picked his head up. "Oh, sorry Hermione, I’m still thinking about that shtupid note." Hermione gave a, you can’t be serious expression, "Your still pondering over it Harry?? I told you! I must have researched the name over a hundred times! ..There’s nothing under the name Arthur Magulus." Ron, still eating with a disgruntled look, turns to Harry, "Ya know Harry.. *chewing* every time there’s a note with cryptic messages or magic journal that tries to kill you, or whatever the bloody hell is out of place, you always seem ta find it!" Harry with a puzzled look, "I suppose your right Ron, what would you recommend??" "Well we always seem to have to do ridiculous amount of hard work when you find something!" Ron's eyes widen, "DANGEROUSLY hard work at that!" Harry chuckles, "So what would you have me do Ron, just ignore things that could potentially be evil threats trying to penetrate Hogwarts??" Ron shakes his head and sighs, "No, I suppose not *chewing* but perhaps, you should share your attention to uhh, more interesting things," Ron turns his head and ogles a pretty 4th year girl who bats her eyes at him. Hermione looks away in disgust.
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Her head pressed against the window, and when she exhaled a light fog coated it. There was something about the rain that made her feel at peace. Made her feel like she was in the moment and nothing else really mattered. During these dreary days she would like to pull out her favorite book and curl up and spend the afternoon reading in the faint gray light. She could delve deep into the stories and visualize herself as the character when reading. It was an escape for her. One particular book had recently gotten her attention.
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