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Dark Horse Falls

With a sigh she sat down on her ripped up dusty couch and threw her head in her hands. "How did this all happen to me" she said as she let her head slip from the loose grasp of her palms to fall on the couchs' side. When her head hit the cushion a gust of dust went around her and slowly drifted down.
She grabbed the knife in her pocket and in the wall scratched out her name and the current date.
She wouldn't go forgotten. If any one knew her.
She put her knife back in her pocket and got up. Went to the kitchen to get a drink. On the side if her eye she saw something out the window. She moved right in front of the window to get a better look. She squinted her eyes to what lay past the smudgy window. "What is that"...
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The Five Emeralds

Sighing inwardly, Faith nodded and clutched the small packet. Looking helplessly at the shorter woman, she mumbled, "Well, thank you...ummmm? I'm terribly sorry, but I didn't catch your name."
"Name's Marty," the red head answered as she reached out a beefy paw to shake Faith's hand. "It's up to you, now." Abruptly, she turned and marched out of the door. "Beware of the man with the wings," she whispered as she tromped from the room.
"Sure." Faith started unraveling the twisted golden cords that held the pouch together. She looked up and yelled. "Wait! What do you mean? Man with wings?"
Too late. Shaking her head in exasperation, Faith closed the door and re-locked it. She walked slowly to the couch and plopped down.
"I wonder what is in this thing?"

Stuck in between

It was the same guy as I'd met earlier on in class; though he'd never talk to me then, or more, I'd ignore him. It'd pull attention and I didn't want any more of that coming my way. But here it was safe, as long as I didn't turn human nobody would notice I was different; just the way it was between the humans. He looked at me with this funny look. ''I'm Alyssa,'' I replied, ''and what may I call you?'' He tapped on the spot beside him to indicate to me that I could sit down with him. ''Dead, obviously.'' It wasn't a really funny joke, but I smiled despite of that. I never just felt friendship for a stranger, and he was being nĂ­ce! And now I got to have a better look at him, he didn't really look like he'd been anything weird; just a guy in a sweatshirt and trousers, caught the way he was when it happened, timeless. As I sat beside him, he didn't look directly at me, but he did ask me another question; ''So, since you're obviously new;''Where do you come from or how did it happen?''

The Book

I sat on the couch and thought about nothing. It'd been a long day for me, work was exhausting and the only place I'd managed to find some rest was in the library. There I'd found a most peculiar book, green, old-fashioned leather bound, but it'd attracted me nevertheless. Since I dropped out of college, I'd spent many evenings after the work at the hospital in the library. I love the smell of books. Though the work there is volunteering, thus not supporting me for a living. Now I'd nearly finished all the books in the common part of the library, I'd moved on to the old part. This book immediatly had drawn my attention and I just couldn't look away from it any more - I hadn't even read the first page to look what was inside, something just told me to take it with me. That's why it now lies in front of me, like a snake just waiting for me to make my move. Something makes it look like there's no time - the book doesn't move, I don't move, it's silent. Then the doorbell goes.
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