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When One Hundred Million Died

So, I set off to the city. I hadn't planned on it but my sister insisted on it - she'd heard that there was a diamond pony, built upon the tallest tower there. I usually google this stuff, but I trust my sister, she's never lied to me and I hold her word dear to me.
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Her left eye opened. The gentle light of morning had made it's way through the interstices of their small stone house's straw ceiling. Her right eye opened. A gale of wind came through a hole near the upper corner of the wall chilling the sides of her arms and legs, conjuring happiness in her. Her mouth opened. "Winter and summer every morning..."

Missing Soul

She grinned at me. Not a happy welcoming grin but something you would find from a mentally insane man finally getting his chocolate pudding.
She pushed her hair behind her ear and grabbed a wooden bowl with a reddish liquid. She then dipped her finger in the bowl and spread the liguid in a design on my face.
"P-Piper, what are you doing!!?" I said very afraid but strangely hot.
Piper started to chant weird words and my face began to glow.
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Life of a Teenage Freak

September 3rd,
First day of school, so excited. Nope. I know something bad is gonna happen either to me or to someone else.
I'm back from school. What do you know my hypothesis was correct. A girl named Jane was a victim to the popular's. Apparently her and her brother are new. Jane had long red curly hair. She had green eyes, pale skin, and freckled which were scattered all over her face. She seemed pretty nice, but I've survived the first year of HighSchool and I know I need to be skeptical. I'm not very known for having friends. Because when I moved all my old friends left me.
Let the hell begin.
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