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Dream Walkers

The first time she dreamt of him, she saw him standing in the middle of a frozen lake, amidst the blossoming foliage of the forest surrounding the water. He was as still as the water itself - as still as a statue. His presence was cold and his eyes never moved.

She ran up to him, and with every stride she took she felt as if every piece of hope that she had was being chiseled away. She finally reached him and by then she felt the true coldness of the still water and the frozen boy. With grief, she touched his stone-like face, and at that moment she could hear a large crack, followed by low rumbling.

The lake opened up and gave way to the summer air that had already taken over the surrounding forest, and the boy came to life. He grabbed on to her, and they both fell into the water.

The Orginized Killer

his type of serial killer is the most difficult to identify and capture. They are usually highly intelligent and well organized to the point of being meticulous. Every detail of the crime is planned out well in advance, and the killer takes every precaution to make sure they leave no incriminating evidence behind. It is common for this type of psychopath to watch potential victims for several days to find someone they consider to be a good target. Once the victim is chosen, the killer will pick them up, often through some sort of ploy designed to gain their sympathy, and take them to another location to commit the murder. Once the person has been killed, the perpetrator will usually take precautions to ensure the body is not found … until they want it to be. A criminal like this usually takes great pride in what they consider to be their “work” and have a tendency to pay close attention to news stories about their deeds. One of their motivating factors may be just to attempt to stump the law enforcement officers who are trying to solve their crime.


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Roman Douglas Barriger loathed his house arrest. Because of a rather violent altercation, Roman's mother revoked most of his Internet privileges. Moreover, he even blamed God for all of this mess. Needless to say, this just extended his unnecessary punishment.

After having been banned from watching SuperDog and NinjaKat for almost a month, he yearned for something bigger than slumping around. The school was out for the summer, his sister was visiting from college, and he was still on punishment. While he drew on his favorite sketchbook, he thought about a fun activity to do for the weekend.

"Steve," He heard his mother say, "Our son's not being fulfilled just being in his room. He's depressed, suicidal, and he has no friends." Perhaps this discussion was the key to Freedom.

Steve tilted his head, waiting for a reasonable response. Perhaps his wife wanted some reprieve. "I think I understand. Ever since he got grounded, Roman's more obedient. Perhaps we'll treat him to an award." He had a ticket to an amusement park. Although it wasn't much, it was the least he could provide.

However, Roman wasn't up to that offer. Even if he was in the mood, he opted to sleep. He needed that, after all.

blood and oil

Irony is a bitter pill to swallow. I remember last time I was here; I swore the next time I'd be here would be to collect his corpse. Well, his corpse has already been taken but he's dead nonetheless and here I am again; still being bullied by him even from beyond. I can only imagine what people are saying about all this when they think we won't hear it. They probably think her a murderer and me a traiter. Maybe I am. Surely she is.
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