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The Girl In The Veil

08 December, 2012. ( 2 years earlier )

It was one 10 am in the morning when my mum came into my room talking on the phone and trying to wake me up on the other side. Hearing her call, my eyes were starting to open up and I could hear her talking to my English on the phone. And then she put the phone was speaker and my teacher addressing my mum as his sister in Bangla, said that I got GPA 4.86 in my J.S.C. Exam. It was my board exam's results day. I hoped that would get GPA 5. I had to ! To prove myself that my age is perfect to be in grade 8. But the words from my teacher was a bitter pill to swallow. I failed to prove myself. I got up from bed and got ready to go to school for checking my results. As soon as I reached school, a close friend of mine, Washikha jumped over me due to excitement as she got GPA 5. That was like salt in my newly deep wound. Seeing my results, the heart ache started because of the extreme disappointment within. Without doing any further delay, I took Washikha along with me to my bestfriend's place.

One Truth Thousand Lies

Reality was that he was with someone else. I lost him forever. I always pushed away the people who cared about me without the acknowledgement that how lonely I'll be later. Today, when he's gone and I can't feel his presence near me, I feel broken inside. As if, I were a tree in the winter. All leaves fallen down. I was as alone like the tree. I needn't a warm touch of his hands to revive myself from the loneliness which was haunting me every moment I breathe. But would he get back?

Jack and the forbidden mansion

They were sharing in his confusion. People do not gain a twin fourteen years after they have lived. They do not either, find them dead and long gone before ever having met. Certainly, a death was something to hold sorrow over. Both his and His. He had been a great man to society and people pay respects today, trading stories and sadder stories over a longer dinner, a longer day. Jack had loved Him like any other. Stories told and guests meet in the greater time, one of them had been him. He still wasn't sure what to think of it and he said so to His wife.
"Your husband killed my twin."

The photo did not answer back.

Missing Soul

For several minutes we walked through the forest. The woods became denser the further in we went. I could not see more than a few feet in any direction. We were surrounded by shadows that scared me, and the breeze was chilling to my bones. Off in the distance, I could hear the howling of wolves and a few chattering sounds I could not make out. Perhaps they were other carnivorous animals.
At one point, almost abruptly, we reached a clearing. There were torches, and an altar with blood stains on it. "OK, this is kind of weird." I said. "What's going on?"
"I'll tell you," said Piper, as she looked at me with a haunting gaze. Her long dark hair and her flowing outfit were spooky. But I could not help but feel awed by it, too.
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