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Teen With No Intrest In Woman

Woman, it seems today all the teens are chasing woman.I find it funny how a teen (male or female) can think they will actually marry the people they date in high school or even college. The daters are all dilution. Don't start dating until you are interested in getting married...There is no point to "date for fun" girls are lame to hang out with, cost a lot of money, and do not even guarantee sex. Hang out with friends, do what YOU want to do, save your money for the future, use the great resource of porn. Wait to start "dating" when you are older...

Dark Horse Falls

Get evicted from her foreclosed house. She has been staying there for some time now, she knew it could only last so long. She had no idea where to go from this point, she has no friends or family after she ran away to California with her biker boyfriend. Her boyfriend had left her after discovering she had cheated on him with his brother, she was drunk and always fancied him.
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The Bleeding Eye

“I have been sitting around for sometime now”. This was Tony's gentle and yet elegant voice having a usual conversation with his partner. “I am not sure if I can take this anymore. I can't sit and let this happen to us, to you. I'm going to change things”. “But, honey you are broke, and there are people out there looking for you. I don't think there is much you could do.” this was Delores' soft and calm voice caressing her husband's ears. It was about a year and two months now since that pleasing tone in her voice was replaced with a melody of uncertainty and insecurity, and Tony could hear it better than anybody else. After each conversation in the dark basement which was now their home, the sad melody in Delores' voice was just a reminder of how it all went down. All Tony wanted was a better life for his new wife. He could never think of hurting her; he could never imagine that wanting to gain more could end in losing it all.

He is in his office again. People come to his office asking his permission to do stuff. The sun is shining like when you know you are making history. “Honey, what are you thinking about?” Delores broke Tony's chain of sweet memories. The memories of the days that he could actually change how things were going to go down. “Nothing, I am just going to tell you I'm sorry again, for everything. I never wanted you to be the center of my problems, to endure like this. I just wanted to make things better”.
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