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You Shall Not Control Me

"C'mon, I'll show you where it is." She waited until we were far enough away from those two before saying anything. "Don't mind them", she said. "Personally, I think they do it just for fun...just to watch your expression." She was probably right about that; they made it too easy to be noticed. "My name is Alice." Then with a roll of her eyes, said "and before you say it...yes, Alice, as in Wonderland. I like popping the balloon on that joke before anyone can even say it.", she smiled. I told her my name and we laughed.I think it was at that moment that we became what would be best friends. Because my name is Alice too.
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Ready. Set. DIE.

Wincing with pain, and as quickly as possible, she reached for the piece of scrap. Moving too slowly would out her position to this half-blind thing. She had the advantage of a few of the ship's panels to crouch behind, and they deflected the echos the beast was generating with the chattering of it's teeth. She guessed it to be some sort of hideous sonar. This had to be quick, because her arm would reflect no sound... and it would be on her. She took the gamble, grabbed the scrap and flung it as hard as she could.

Dream Walkers

Maybe she will be able to figure it out one day. But for now it was time to get ready for school. She walked over to the fridge and began to brows. .... The locker banged loudly as she slammed it shut and placed the lock back on. Her pile of book tilting slittely as she stummbled a bit from a naboures shove.
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Journey to Raithorn

And were a welcome relief for those undertaking this journey to Raithorn. His majesty, and the royal blood that begat him, were stewards of a kingdom whos waters brought forth an amphibious creature like none other in all the lands. It bore it's young but once every 5 seasons. His majesty and his kingdom maintained this creature's safty and abundance with their lives. The people of the kingdom understood their duty and no man, woman or child went without food, water or clothing. They lived well, but were not a greedy lot and this earned them the respect of all kings and kingdoms across the lands.
The 5th season had just begun and selected hatchlings were gathered and packaged for the journey to Raithorn under the protection of his majesty's guard. Not once, in all the generations of kings, was there a threat to the precious cargo while in transit by the royal guard. A description of the cargo, and it's importance in this tale is due the reader, but in due time.
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