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Sierra's idea was to end the situation. Things were going unusually well for her, but her parents were really suffering. She often spent her time playing the piano, reading, drawing, watching TV and making bracelets and similar crafts.
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LADIES! It's Business as Usual

I couldn't believe my eyes. The object was so beautiful that I felt like bursting to tears.
"What is this thing?" I asked the lady.
"It's the world's most precious jewel," she answered. "It can only be found in Asia. Recently I went on a trip to Asia and purchased it for a discount."
"Oh wow, that's interesting"" I commented.

Dragons of the Zodiac: The Chosen

I'm not sure what to do. No doubt. I know it. Plus, I'm not an ordinary mortal. I'm not going to even think about all the drama in my life. Nonsense. My friend Warren is even less concerned about the drama in his life, so I'll just follow his tracks. It's easy enough.


I feel like something terrible may happen. I think I must've failed my science test. My cello is malfunctioning for an unknown reason. Nothing can console me. I'm helpless and upset. I don't know what to do. Plus, I live in a timeless world, and anyone could call me to do something at any random moment.
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