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The ultimate possession

She controlled every aspect to her life. She was independent, she owned her own house, car, business. You could say she was border line control freak. Her few friends recommended an assistant to ease some stress off her shoulders, she shuddered at the thought.
She stood 5'6, slender with more then average hips. Her hair was naturally red a ginger most would refer her to, but she always had her hair dresser lighten the red with blond streaks. Her eyes were blue and she covered her freckles with cover up.
She was always dressed to empress, skirts, heels, but in the classiest of ways. You wouldn't catch her dead wearing a black stalking, or even a red bra for that matter. She was a prude and was single most of her 30's. She celebrated her 37th birthday 2 months ago she hated summer and August was the month she was born.
She disliked the bikinis, and water, the heat and the sunburns. There was always parties and laughter and all she could do was stay on schedule. She needed something, something was tugging at her she hated the feeling, she didn't know what it was and she couldn't control it.
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The lonely hearted

She was always independent even when she was a little girl. Maribel was the oldest of a large family and you could say they were among the poverty level when it came to household income. Their father left when she was only 7 and her mother took on some times 3 jobs to handle taking care of 5 kids.
This left Maribel to be the "other parent" although she was still a child. Her mother put a lot on her shoulders but what didn't kill her only made her stronger, and she lead her own personal army when it came to her brothers and sisters. To this day they respect her more then their mother now.
Maribel shuddered in the driver seat remembering those moments looking at her son in the back seat singing along to the "in times" music playing over the radio. She would never bestow that kind of pressure on her son. He was going to live a different life and this she knew she had full control over.
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The sound of raindrops, tenderly dripping, then rather aggressively hitting on the window seemed to have always been the rhythm of her life. What were sunny days good for if they could not awake those days, left behind. How would she ever be able to feel less guilty when her mood enlightened, with the help of the sun, while her heart was seeking for the rain.

The Unbearable Universe

"If only one could combine cookies and books somehow", she thought, "like a sort of cookie which is creating images, pictures in your head with every bit and every crumble you consume." This was also something essential to know about Sarah: The amount of books she had devoured all her life long, had opened her mind for fantasy in a way that some others might have considered her crazy. Well, 'might have' was not really the right phrase; actually most people were thinking of Sarah as a rather curious girl. But she really did not care at all. Because after all, she had her own world, she could escape into.
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