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Out the Window

It was a man with deep tanned skin. He seemed to have forgotten his shirt somewhere, because he was only wearing partly ripped jeans. His veins were pulsating on his sweaty muscles. He was sweaty because he was digging a hole in the ground with a shovel. The shovel was a standard costco shovel (9.99€).

As i sat there, stearing at this man and his aggressive digging motion, i felt a strange sensation in my tummy. What if this man was the answer to all my problems? What if this man was the missing piece that could push and pull her into place, until she could emerge as the person she always thought she COULD be? There was only one way to find out. She had to go out from her prison of a home. Step out from her comfort zone and talk with this stranger. She had to conquer her own fears. She also wanted to find out where this man had left his shirt.

Pussy in Paradise

There was a guy who lived in South Bronx. He always wore brown pants and a light blue collared shirt. He liked to tuck his shirt in, because it made him feel like a smart man. This guy had a name, just like all the other guys have. His name was no more special than any other guy's name. Just a regular name that his parents had decided to give him just before he had been born. In fact, this guy wasnt special in any kind of way. Just your typical normal working class guy.
One day when this guy decided to go and buy some milk, he ran into...


Set in Egypt, among other exotic places, the protagonist was the feminine version of what she yearned to be - young, strong, full of hope if a bit naive, and desperate for love and adventure. She took in the names of the places in the story - breathed them out - Palmyra, Antioch, Persia, Alexandria. She could get lost in these ancient and faraway places.

She pulled the dog-eared book back out, wondering who had read it before her. Entranced by the story, she couldn't help but open it once again, and get lost in another world.


Let's hope it would not be the last. Merely days before, Secretary General Reyes received disturbing messages; a menacing email, followed by some twisted mind's idea of a threat, delivered by U.P.S. no less. Political figures were used to threats, that didn't bother Reyes in the least. In fact, the crude wood-carved knife stained with what, is that suppose to be blood? That made her laugh. But that note that came with. Now that was just plain odd.
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