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Taming the playboy

Please read my story!


Jay looked in the same direction. "Hey Haz, it's the Head Mistress, what do you think shes doing here?"

"I'm not sure, but she looks different somehow"

Alexis' eyes had locked straight onto the woman standing before them.

"Lillian!" Alexis said in a quiet, yet firm way.

"ahh, Alexis, It's been a while, how has your little 'Vacation' been"

my life

the doctors had called me a miracle baby, born with out a heart beat. yet despite the odds I had managed to live. of course not all my troubles ended here. As a child there were many "incidents" that occurred around me.These so called "incidents" either put my life or the life of others in danger. making my parents extremely overprotective of me.

You Shall Not Control Me

"What the hell dude!? Can we get some privacy?" The guy shouted.

"Woah. Sorry man. Just trying to find my first class. This place is a maze!" I said putting my hands up and turning around to leave.

He proceeded to wave his hand at me and began making out with his 'girlfriend' again.
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